Who are we?


Creative, fun loving, caring, goofy, insightful, colorful designers of all the stuff in your box.  We are a company that asks girls to “Find your Wings” and we design products to help them fly.    All of our products are designed to inspire and delight…whether it is a craft kit or sparkly bag.   Our pledge to you is that you will always feel the magic when opening our stuffed to the brim box.   


First a note…Like all great people, it’s what’s on the inside, not the outside that counts…in keeping with that lovely adage,  you will note that the outside of our box is might we say, NOT so pretty, but the inside is fab…we made a decision not to spend a fortune on the box and instead we put our money on the contents of the box…this allowed us to add at least two more treasures for you.  (let’s be real…the box usually gets tossed) If you disagree, please let us know…we would love to hear your opinions.

Contact us: marketing@fashionangels.com